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The first year’s shearing yields the softest wool, and so lambswool has always been highly prized. Lambswool from the Merino sheep is the softest wool of all.

And here are five rich shades of beautiful windowpane check, based on equally punchy hebs and spices, including Coriander Green, Chilli Red, Mustard Yellow, Peppercorn Grey, and Juniper Blue. Ummm… Tasty!

Throws Lambswool Rich-Shade: Peppercorn Grey Lambswool 'Rich shade' Windowpane Throws Lambswool Rich-Shade: Chilli Red Lambswool Rich-Shade: Coriander Green Lambswool Rich-Shade: Juniper Blue Lambswool Rich-Shade: Mustard Yellow The Shepherds certainly knew how wool protects Visit

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Cotswold Woollen Weavers' Country Tweed Chevron Throws
Wool protects sheep and us The shepherd at watch Pastel Windowpane 100% Pure New Merino Lambswool. 59” x 73” (150cm x 185cm) including proper rolled and pearled fringes